Thursday, September 6, 2012

Interests and hobbies

The more I opened up a loved one, telling him of their interests, the more and more interesting to me was getting to him. And most importantly, I saw that he was interested in me. The deeper he understood that fascinates me, the more common topics of conversation have appeared.

So, start with a small shazhochka, with the realization that to keep the relationship in marriage and restore interest to her husband, I want first of all to herself, in the end I got all what not even dreamed of. And believe me, a strong and happy family is worth it to start to change itself and begin to honestly analyze yourself and your habits.

So, dear readers, if you want to attract the interest of men to keep the relationship and create a happy family, start in the first place do take an interest in her man. After all, a man, a woman for whom it would not only Russian wife and a mistress, but a friend, the best conversationalist, a Russian woman who will understand it better than all the others put together, a woman will always be interesting and attractive to him. And with a Russian woman he also will seek to keep the relationship in marriage. And most importantly, for a Russian woman it is not something that move mountains, but also make a "nesovershimoe" overcome insurmountable and become the best, most wonderful, most real your characters with whom you will continue to successfully build your relationship.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Think not phrases and themes from the Russian girl

Just so it's always better to go to get acquainted with Russian girls with the established order (for example, if you go to the supermarket to remove someone, come to find a necklace of beads), while Russian girl will automatically take your themes natural and unforced. In order to successfully meet, you can prepare themes - for example, if you planned to use the opener of the blondes (perhaps: "Why blondes dyed dark hair roots?"), Your hair will be the theme of \ hair color. Good idea to have in reserve billets, to pass from which you will be able to routines or to the c & f. For example, wandering through the supermarket, you get eye contact and you use the theme of a necklace of beads in the role of the opener, then go directly to the opener of the blonde, while she did not laugh, and move to a state of c & f. Upon completion of removal, note theme, you have successfully used.
For openers are essential "open" questions to help get acquainted. "Open" means that they can not answer "yes" or "no." There are three forms of open-ended questions: the view, situational, and an apology. It is important to remember that you should not focus on a Russian girl to the time when she will give you an invitation to approach (AI).

Situational openers are all that you can watch within sight of the place whither acquainted. That is, it is impossible to plan ahead if you do not know this place - as a rule, these openers most natural, they cause minimal resistance and help you quickly get acquainted with Russian girl. They are:
• Clothing
• Hair
• drinking
• Shoes
• Music
• food
• noise
• other people
• the crowd
• weather, etc.

Openers, and the views are good, while the view is not dependent on the girl. Also, prepare a good routine \ story to support the opener. This is something that can be scheduled in advance, starting to get acquainted.

Openers-apology (not you a little time? Whether you have five rubles? Know where I can find xxx? What is the cost of beer?) Really so-so - from my experience, they are simply an abomination, because you do not pull them out of usual sphere. When I use the excuse is always interrupting the answers of Russian girls and immediately switched to some other topic. Therefore, for this type of openers that could meet a girl, use the first apology, but then over to the other topics.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why do Russian girls for a long time needed to care?

Many guys are interested in this question. To answer it clearly is impossible. The fact that each case is individual. First, much depends on education. In our country, yet educated girls in pretty strict form. Because their mothers were themselves well educated. This is not necessarily a modest young lady, or with complexes. Simply, they firmly know what they want out of life (school, good job, a career, not a problem with a fleeting romance.) And if you are patient, will be able to convince her their firm intention, then it may be, a Russian girl, and get acquainted with you (assuming that she likes you).

Second, the nature. Not what man is capable of constantly indulging a capricious woman, and unapologetic. Strongly yielding and quiet will soon get bored, but a girl with high self-esteem - Die Hard. We will first consider whether to disclose it - the middle may not be high quality. Russian girls with high self-esteem trying to manipulate the guys when they need them (for example, to solve the puzzle, write the essay, to repair the computer). When all the wooing and the hint is swept aside, but softly and flirting - so the man she needs only to satisfy her whims.

There is a category of girls who see the guys just as a source of income. With this better not be the case.

Most Russian women - ordinary, not quarrelsome, but they know their advantages and disadvantages. They break down quickly to mind, or probing the seriousness of a guy. And usually on the passage of a certain period have become more supportive of the wishes of the guys.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Russian women attributes

But I'm missing something, when I look at it. What was in the happy-known, innocent Laura Fairlie, I can not find Lady Glyde. In the past, her face was youthful freshness and softness, inexplicable, delicate beauty, changeable but always charming, that it was impossible to give any words, nor in painting, as is often said Walter Hartrayt. This charm is gone. A weak reflection of it flashed across her face when russian women turned pale with emotion at the sight of me on the evening of his arrival, but it did not appear again. None of her letters are not prepared me for this change in her. On the contrary, it seemed to me that, at least superficially, it has not changed. Maybe I did not understand her letters, as well as now I do not understand the expression on her face? It does not matter! Does her beauty blossomed or not in the last six months, but due to our separation, Laura has me even more. And that, in any case, one of the good results of her marriage!
The change that has taken place in her character, did not surprise me - writing it prepared me for this. Now that russian women back home, it still does not want to discuss with me the details of their married life, how to avoid this in his letters, when we were apart. In my first attempt to speak on this subject taboo, she clutched my hand to her mouth the same gesture, touching and sad reminded me of the happy time when we had no secrets from each other.
- When will we be left alone, Marian - she said - we will be happier and easier to communicate with each other, if we accept my married life as it is, and will be as little as possible to think and talk about it. I have shared with you all, my dear, - she said, nervously unbuttoning and buttoning my belt,  - if I could only talk about myself, but then I'd have to talk about my husband, but now when I at married to him, in my opinion, it is better not to f-for his sake, for your sake and for my sake. I do not want to say that you and I have something to upset - no, no! - I'm for anything in the world does not want you to think so. I'd love to feel completely happy - because you're now back with me - and so want you to be happy! - She suddenly paused and looked around the living room where we sat. - Oh! - She cried. clasping his hands and smiling. - Here's another new-found old friend! Your bookcase, Marian, dear, old cupboard from Limmeridzha! I am so glad that you brought it! And that awful, awkward man umbrella, which you always took with him to walk, if it was cloudy! But the main thing - your dearest. Russian women person in front of me, as always!

Russian women athletes with balls

I do not understand why russian women wanted to hide from his visit to Sir Percival, and I'm not sure - as, apparently confident that the housekeeper - that her daughter was not hiding somewhere in these parts. What would have said on this occasion Walter Hartrayt? Poor, glorious Hartrayt! I'm starting to feel that I miss his honest advice and friendly assistance. Chu, something was heard. What kind of running around down there? Of course! I hear the clatter of hoofs, and I hear the rustling of the wheels!
The turmoil, which rose upon their return has passed. Two days passed, the travelers returned, and this period was enough to make our new life in Blekuoter Park came into his usual routine. Now I can again seize the moment to return to his diary and calmly continue his writing. I think I should start with one strange observation that I made since then, as Laura returned.
When two members of a family or two close friends parted - one went abroad, while the other stayed at home, -. Returning from a trip of a relative or friend always puts the person who was at home in russian women position. The first eagerly absorbed the new russian women, new experiences, a second passive stayed at the old place. First, it creates a certain estrangement between the most loving family, among my closest friends and disrupts their proximity - a sudden and unaccountable to them both. After you have passed the first happy moments of our meeting with Laura and we sat side by side, hand in hand to catch his breath and calm down for a talk, I immediately felt this alienation and realize the TTS is it too 'feeling. Now, as we gradually returned to more or less familiar to us of life, is feeling a little bit of one hundred scattered, and probably in the near future just passed. But, of course, that the eye is colored the first impression made on me, Laura, the only reason I mention this exclusion.
She found that I was old Marian, and I found that Laura had changed. Russian women changed, but in one respect and internally. I can not say that she should become less beautiful, - I can only tale! b, that she was less beautiful to me. Those who have not seen it with my eyes, perhaps, find it beautiful. His face turned pink, and roundly, his features became more definite, the figure grew, the movement became more confident w free than see her girlhood.
Note it is still with me, the one that came in response to the letter, which made me write to her, Sir Percival.

Russian women athletes

As soon as Mrs. Katerik heard that the maid called me to him, she immediately got up and left. Saying goodbye, she asked me not to tell Sir Percival that came. I thought it rather strange to make such a request to the person occupying such a responsible position in this house, as I do. The request seemed strange to me. Sir Percival assured me Limmeridzhe that he had with Mrs. Katerik a great relationship. If so, why she did not want him to know about her visit to Blekuoter.
Realizing that the housekeeper is waiting, so I commented on the strange request of Mrs. Katerik, I said - I guess she was afraid that the news of her visit will be pleasant to Sir Percival, reminding him that her daughter had not yet been found. She talked a lot about her daughter?
- Very little, - answered the housekeeper. - She talked mostly about Sir Percival, and questioned where he travels, and that the woman is the lady whom he married. She seemed more angry than disappointed to learn that no trace of her daughter in our area were found. "I refuse to search for, -. Here, as I recall, it was the last russian women.-I refuse to search for, ma'am, she lost to me." And then he began to ask about Lady Glyde: whether it is a beautiful, young there, if healthy ... Oh my God! I knew it! Look, Miss Golkomb. The poor dog finally russian women.
The dog died. With a groan she gave a weak legs. She was lying dead at our feet.
8 hours. I have just returned from below, from the dining room, dine in solitude. I can see out the window as the trembling leaves of the trees have red glow of sunset, and I continue to write my diary, to temper the impatience with which I am waiting for the return of our travelers. According to my calculations, they have had to return. The house is so lonely and desolate in the stifling silence of the night! Lord! How many more minutes must pass before I hear the sound of the wheels and run away down to find himself in the arms of Laura?
Poor dog! I would prefer to have my first day was marred by Blekuotere death, even the stray dogs.
Russian women ... Re-reading my notes, I see that the name of the town where he lives, Mrs. Katerik. Note it is still with me, the one that came in response to the letter, which made me write to her, Sir Percival.
Mrs. Katerik interests me. I know a little about her - I said to prolong the conversation. I regret that yesterday did not come early to find her. Russian women stayed there for a long time?
- Yes, - answered the housekeeper. - She stayed with us for quite some time, and I think would have remained for some time, if I was not invited to one gentleman, a stranger, come to ask when Sir Percival returns.

Russian women artist sings in english

- No, Miss Golkomb. Russian women came here to deal, we have not heard anything.
- Comes? When?
Just yesterday, i. She said that somewhere in our area have seen a woman resembling the description of her daughter. We on this have not heard anything. In the village where we were sent to handle the request of Mrs. Katerik, also did not know about it. Since it was the dog. When she left, I saw a dog running after her. Probably, the dog ran into the park, and there she was shot ... Where do you find it, Miss Golkomb?
- In an old barn by the lake.
- Well, well, it's on our side. The poor animal must have crawled to the arbor, and beat into a corner, as do the dogs before his death. Moisten her lips with milk, Miss Golkomb, and I russian women wound. I'm afraid that does not have help. However, you can try. "
Mrs. Katerik! This name, like an echo in my ears was given. While we were busy with the dog, I remembered the words of Walter Hartrayta: "If you ever meet Anna Katerik, use it better than I did."
Due to the fact that I have found that poor dog, I found out about the visit of Mrs. Katerik Blekuoter in the Park, and this, in turn, could lead to some more discoveries. I decided to use this opportunity and how you can find out more about her.
- You seem to say that Mrs. Katerik lives somewhere nearby? - I asked.
- Oh no! - Said the housekeeper. - She lives in the WAL-mingame, but it at least twenty-five miles from us.
- You must have long been familiar with Mrs. Katerik?
- On the contrary, Miss. Until yesterday I had not seen her. Of course, I heard about her and the kindness of Sir Percival, who helped get her daughter to the hospital. Mrs Katerik bit strange manners, but in general, it is a highly respectable woman. She, apparently, was disappointed when she learned that there is no reason - absolutely nothing, as far as we know - to believe that her daughter was somewhere in the area.
- Mrs. Katerik interests me. I know a little about her - I said to prolong the conversation. I regret that yesterday did not come early to find her. Russian women stayed there for a long time?
- Yes, - answered the housekeeper. - She stayed with us for quite some time, and I think would have remained for some time, if I was not invited to one gentleman, a stranger, come to ask when Sir Percival returns.